Choral Ensemble - Bass

Choral Ensemble - Treble

Ensemble Conducting (ST)

Fundamentals of Music

Lyra Ensemble

Mr. Shook


Musical Theatre Beginning


Mr. Barrier

Musical Theatre Beginning

Musical Theatre Intermediate

Musical Theatre Proficient

Mr. Shook

Dance Company Studio Proficient

Dance Company Studio Advanced

Dance Composition (ST)

Dance Studio Beginning

Dance Studio Intermediate

Ms. Mordecai

Dance History

Ms. Barkley

Theatre Studio Beginning

Theatre Studio Intermediate

Theatre Studio Proficient

Theatre Studio Advanced

Technical Theatre

Ms. Smith

Concert Band

Ensemble Conducting (ST)

Music History

Psychology & Philosophy of Music (ST)

Strings Ensemble

Wind Ensemble

Mr. Alberti

Art History

Ms. Barkley

Art Studio Beginning

Art Studio Advanced

Mr. Fincannon


AP Studio Art: Drawing

AP Studio Art: 2D Design

AP Studio Art: 3D Design

Art Studio Intermediate

Portfolio Development (ST)

Ms. Franklin, Dept Chair

Art Studio Beginning

Art Studio Proficient

Ceramics (ST)

Mixed Media (ST)

Mrs. Scherer

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