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Carpool Map & Procedure



First and foremost, the safety of our students is the top priority at Longleaf.  

We ask that no students be dropped off or picked up on the sidewalk on either side of Chapanoke Road.

Safety is an extreme concern due to the speed of the cars in both directions of Chapanoke Road traffic.


  *MULTI-STUDENT DROP-OFF/PICK-UP We have a NEW Multi-Student Drop-off and Pick-up location for students who are carpooling together!


You will need to FIRST Register HERE. After you have registered you may pick up your Multi-Student Carpool Window Tag and rear Decal in the office. You must have these in order to enter these lines.

Your car will need front and rear identification to use these lanes. Window tags and magnetic decals will be available in the front office. You will need your vehicle’s make, model, color, license plate number, and the names of the students who are carpooling together to receive the window tag and decal. You will be told to exit the line if you do not have the proper identification displayed.

Only student drivers, multi-student carpoolers, and bus riders will be released at 3:30pm.

SINGLE-STUDENT DROP-OFF/PICK-UP Individual students who are NOT carpooling with other students will be released at 3:40pm. Do NOT arrive before 3:40pm to pick up individual students. There is a separate line for Single-Student Drop-off/Pick-up.

The Single-Student line will begin in the Single-Student Drop-off/Pick-up area and wrap around behind the school. Once that area is full, the line will be allowed to continue on Chapanoke Road. Please do not block the entrance or exit. Drive forward. Then, make a right turn down the back side street.


WALKERS If a parent wishes to have their student be a walker, the parent should arrange a pick-up location that is not on Chapanoke Road directly in front of the school or the two forested areas on either side of the school. All walkers will exit the building out of the front door and walk the sidewalk directly in front of the school to the sidewalk on Chapanoke Road at 3:40pm. They may then walk to the designated pick-up location. However, please note that having your child walk to meet you is not recommended by the school. We do recommend that all students be picked up in the carpool lines. Important Reminders:


Our dismissal protocol is that all students exit the front doors. To keep the flow of traffic moving, we are asking that no left turn be made from Chapanoke Road during dismissal.

If you are attempting to enter the school coming from South Wilmington Street, we ask that you drive past the school and get in the appropriate line. All vehicles will need to remain in the drop-off/pick-up lines. Vehicles will not be allowed to park or exit the drop-off/pick-up line. All traffic must continue to move.


Please expect slight delays the first week of school until everyone has adjusted to the correct flow of traffic. Please understand that we are working diligently to make certain that all students remain safe during dismissal.


We have new student drivers. Please be mindful of these directions, and be respectful of all drivers.

We continue to work with the Department of Transportation, the City of Raleigh, and Raleigh Police Department to better serve our students and community during arrival and dismissal. If you or your child creates a safety risk for our school community, the incident will be reported, and the student will not be allowed to exit the school building for pickup until after 4:00pm. Together, we can keep our school community safe.

Please understand that we are working diligently to make certain that all students remain safe during dismissal.   

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