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Carpool Map & Procedure



First and foremost, the safety of our students is the top priority at Longleaf.  We are working with the Department of Transportation and the City of Raleigh to better serve our students and community during arrival and dismissal.

As of now, our current arrival procedure is to have all students dropped off at the drop off area in the front parking lot at the drop off/pick up location.  We ask that no students be dropped off on the sidewalk on Chapanoke Road.  This area is not zoned for a school zone and safety is a concern with the speed of the cars, students exiting the car into traffic and cars attempting to pull back out into oncoming traffic.  In the morning, drop off times are less than 4 minutes on average.   

Our dismissal protocol is that all students, with the exception of bus riders, exit the front doors.  Bus students will meet and exit out of the side door.  All carpool riders must be picked up at the area located on the upper side of the new addition (Black-box theater) in the front parking lot.  The carpool line will begin in the upper lot and wrap around behind the school.  Once that area is full, the carpool line will be allowed to continue on Chapanoke Road.  If you are attempting to enter the school from the South Wilmington Street entrance, we ask that you drive past the school and get in the carpool line.   We are asking that no left turn be made from Chapanoke Road during dismissal to keep the flow of carpool moving.  

Also, no student that is being picked up will be allowed to be picked up directly in front of the school from the sidewalk on Chapanoke Road.  We are asking that all students be picked up in carpool.  However, if a parent wishes to have their student be a walker, the parent should arrange a pickup location that is not on Chapanoke Road directly in front of the school or the two forested areas beside the school.  All walkers will exit the building out of the front door, walk the sidewalk directly in-front of the school to the sidewalk on Chapanoke Road.  They may then walk to the designated pick up location.   However, please note that having your child walk to meet you is not recommended by the school.  We do recommend that all students be picked up in the carpool lane.  

The cars that are in front of the school in the carpool lane, must stay in that lane and circle the school.  The cars will not be allowed to park or exit the carpool lane.  This traffic must continue to move.  

So far, we have decreased pick up time to 18 minutes- meaning that once students are dismissed at 3:30pm, most of our students are picked up and carpool is done by 3:48pm.  

Please understand that we are working diligently to make certain that all students remain safe during dismissal.   

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