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Community Service



One of the unique aspects of being a student at Longleaf is our community service graduation requirement. All students are required to give back to the community in order to earn a Longleaf diploma. Sometimes students feel that finding opportunities can be a bit daunting so the Student Services team created this document to help students identify what they are interested in and how to find different opportunities based on their interests. 


Step 1: Who would you like to help?

  • Take some time to think about causes you are passionate about

    • Working with children, animals, or senior citizens

    • Nature and wildlife

    • Food banks or homeless shelters

    • Health organizations (Red cross, local hospitals, or cancer organizations)

    • Libraries/Schools


Step 2: How can you help?


Step 3: Reach out to the organization

  • Once you find an organization you would like to volunteer with, you will then need to reach out to see what requirements they may have for their volunteers. Some organizations require volunteers to take a class or fill out forms to be able to work with them.


Step 4: Complete Community Service!

  • Make sure you bring the LSA Community Service Form to the organization and have the proper supervisor fill it out so that your hours will count towards your graduation requirement!  Upload your hours at the link on this page to assure your hours get recorded.


As always, students are more than welcome to set up a meeting with their counselor to discuss their plans for community service. However, if the student has not attempted the first two steps, counselors will direct them back to this document to make sure they try their best to find opportunities on their own. We are so excited for our students to give back to their community!




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