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2024-25 Enrollment Application

Eligible applicants must be CURRENT 8th, 9th or 10th grade students (applying to 9th, 10th, or 11th grade, respectively)


Longleaf  School of the Arts utilizes the Scribbles application and lottery system for admissions and enrollment.

Please note:

  • On the Sign Up page create a Scribbles account and set up a family profile, then add student names.

  • This is a single log-in system. Each family will only need to create one log-in.

  • Families applying for multiple students will be able to submit applications for all of their students with a single login.

  • To access your Scribbles Family Dashboard at any point during the enrollment process, please bookmark the LSA Scribbles page or go to


Who is eligible to apply to Longleaf School of the Arts?

Current 8th grade (applying to 9th), current 9th grade (applying to 10th), and current 10th grade (applying to 11th)* students are eligible to apply during the open application window.  Parents/Legal Guardians must be a legal resident of North Carolina at the time of application, and proof of residence is required to complete the registration process.  At this time Longleaf does not admit 12th grade students. 

*11th grade accepted beginning with the 2022-23 school year.

What is the application process?

Longleaf has partnered with Scribbles for application and enrollment!  Please follow this link to create your account to apply for the 2024-25 school year.

Are auditions required for admission?

No, auditions are not required for admission to Longleaf School of the Arts.  There is no minimum skill level or talent required for enrolling in beginner-level arts courses -  however, an interest in at least one of the arts is highly recommended due to the number of arts credits required to meet the LSA graduation requirements.

How does the admissions process work?

The LSA Board of Directors decides on the number of seats that will be available during the application/enrollment process for each upcoming school year.  As each family completes their application they are assigned a lottery/identification number.  If the number of applicants exceeds the number of open seats, LSA will hold a lottery to determine which applicants receive offers of admission, and all other applicants are placed on a numbered waitlist.  Families are notified of their status via email through their application account.  The lottery is generally held in mid-March (the date will be posted on the Admissions page).

Is attendance at the lottery required?

No, families are not required to attend the lottery.  The lottery is a public event held at LSA in the gallery and is open to anyone who wishes to attend in person.  The date and time of the lottery will be posted on the LSA Admissions page.

When is the decision deadline for students selected during the lottery?

Families are given a two-week window from lottery night to accept/decline their offer of a seat.  The decision deadline is posted on the Admissions page.  Offers that are not accepted by the deadline are rescinded.

Are all applicants given equal status in the lottery?  Are siblings or employee children given priority?  

Siblings of currently enrolled LSA students and children of full-time employees/board members are given priority status in the lottery.  Students in priority categories must follow the application process to receive priority status.  All other applicants are equal and chosen at random through the automated lottery program in the application program.

What is the process for students who are placed on the waitlist?

Families on the waitlist will be contacted as open seats become available.  Offers are sent out via the application system therefore it is recommended to provide an email address that is actively monitored.  Families may also choose to receive text message alerts that an email has been sent.  Offers that are not accepted by the deadline date listed in the offer email are rescinded and the next family on the list is contacted.

What else is required to complete registration at LSA?

After accepting a seat, families must complete the registration form (including uploaded documents) in the application system within two weeks of acceptance.  The list of required registration documents will be listed on the New Student Registration page of the website.

*please email with admissions questions not answered above.

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