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About Us

Longleaf School of the Arts is the first charter high school in Raleigh, NC that integrates academics with the fine and performing arts.  We are a college preparatory school that prepares students for university rigor while allowing them to explore their creative and artistic side.  We use a small high school setting to address the needs of students who are hard-working and dedicated to receiving a quality education, and who may be looking for an alternative to a traditional high school setting.  Longleaf offers a variety of Advanced Placement classes, as well as a wide variety of classes in the following fine and performing arts: choral music, dance, instrumental music, musical theatre, theatre, and visual art. 

The ideal Longleaf student is someone who is motivated, creative and who dedicates the time and effort necessary to achieve their goals. Students can accomplish anything given the opportunity and the setting. Tapping into their personal creativity and stretching their academic muscles each day will ready students for scholastic success, and artistic pursuits, while serving as productive citizens in their community.

The teachers at Longleaf are experienced masters in their fields, both artistically and academically. They use a variety of teaching methods, which include but are not limited to: Alder's Paideia Method, Creative Problem Solving, and Renzulli's Schoolwide Enrichment Model. They work to create students who think for themselves, take responsibility for themselves and become excellent contributors to our school community, their local community, and the global society at large.


2022-2023:  70 (B)

2021-2022:  72 (B)

2020-2021: No Score or Letter Grade

2019-2020: No Score or Letter Grade

2018-2019:  76 (B)

2017-2018:  75 (B)

2016-2017:  71 (B)

2015-2016:  74 (B)

2014-2015:  79 (B)

2013-2014:  76 (B)



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