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What is a high school transcript?

A transcript is a document that contains student demographic and academic information.  A typical transcript consists of a list of all of the coursework attempted/completed during the high school years, the final grade in each of those courses, attendance for each school year and state testing information. The transcript will also indicate the student’s cumulative GPA (grade point average), weighted and unweighted, which is an average of the student’s final grades during high school.  A GPA represents completed coursework only, and because LSA is on a yearlong calendar, GPAs are only updated one time each school year, in June after final grades have been calculated for the year.  High school courses taken during middle school are included in the high school transcript.  For these courses, the course name and final grade are shown but the final grades for such courses are not included in the calculation of the high school GPA.

What’s the difference between a high school report card and a high school transcript?

A high school report card contains academic information about a student’s performance in a particular quarter or semester during a particular school year. It may also show student attendance. The high school transcript only shows final grades, not quarter or semester grades. The transcript shows grades for courses already completed, not grades for courses that are in progress.

What does it mean when a course/GPA is weighted? 

Weighted courses receive additional quality points for GPA calculation. When students successfully complete an honors course, they are awarded .5 additional quality point for the weighted GPA. When students successfully complete an AP (advanced placement) course, they are awarded 1 additional quality point for the weighted GPA.  These quality points are issued for all honors and AP courses where the student earns a passing score. Any student failing an honors or AP course would receive 0 quality points.

How do I request a high school transcript?


Current students (and alumni starting with the Class of 2019) should make all transcript requests through Naviance.  Go to:

Naviance Longleaf Login


​then go to:  College > Apply to College > Manage Transcripts 


As long as the transcript request is made through Naviance there is no fee.  If requesting hard copies of your official transcript otherwise, follow the instructions below.  The cost will be $10 per transcript (no fee for current students).

Students (and parents) can request a copy of the high school transcript by completing the Transcript Request form and submitting a completed request to the main office or Student Services.  Requests made via email or over the phone will not be honored.

  • Please note that official transcripts will not be provided to students or parents. Students/parents receive unofficial transcripts. High schools, colleges/universities, scholarship committees and other official agencies/organizations may receive official transcripts.

  • Students must have the signature of a legal parent/guardian on their form when submitting a request if they are under the age of 18 at the time of the request.

  • Please allow a minimum of 48 business hours to fulfill a request.

  • There is no cost for a high school transcript for current Longleaf students.

  • Transcripts for LSA graduates (prior to the Class of 2019) and former students are $10.00 each payable to Longleaf School of the Arts by check or money order, or $10.50 each plus $.50 shipping through PayPal.

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